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This is a synthetic fallback maintainer generated by Repology for packages which have no real maintainers known, either because there's no maintainer defined in the repository or because such information is not available for Repology.

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Total Newest Outdated Problematic Potentially vulnerable Other lists
Alpine Linux Edge 1143 516 410 79.5% 99 19.2% 4 0.8% 8 1.55% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Alpine Linux 3.17 510 236 162 68.6% 70 29.7% 2 0.8% 6 2.54% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Alpine Linux 3.16 521 249 117 47.0% 126 50.6% 2 0.8% 7 2.81% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Alpine Linux 3.15 556 244 95 38.9% 144 59.0% 1 0.4% 11 4.51% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Alpine Linux 3.14 542 233 85 36.5% 143 61.4% 1 0.4% 12 5.15% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Alpine Linux 3.13 439 197 74 37.6% 119 60.4% 1 0.5% 13 6.6% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Alpine Linux 3.12 352 159 60 37.7% 93 58.5% 3 1.9% 11 6.92% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Alpine Linux 3.11 379 147 58 39.5% 83 56.5% 3 2.0% 12 8.16% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Alpine Linux 3.10 398 140 56 40.0% 81 57.9% 1 0.7% 10 7.14% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Alpine Linux 3.9 204 88 27 30.7% 58 65.9% 1 1.1% 4 4.55% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Alpine Linux 3.8 238 104 27 26.0% 74 71.2% 1 1.0% 8 7.69% HCO LN U Problems html, atomAtom feed
Total 5282 682 450 66.0% 355 52.1% 6 0.9% 38 5.57% HCO LN U


3proxy, abcde, abseil-cpp, acf-vlc-daemon, adapta-kde, afpfs-ng, aisleriot, amavisd-milter, aoetools, apk-gtk, apk-gtk3, apk-readme, appstream, aspcud, atari800, atf, audacious, audacious-plugins, autoconf, automoc, b2sum, backuppc, bcache-tools, bchunk, bear-clang, bind, binutils, bitchx, boost-build, bootinfo, brillo, brlaser, btpd, burp, bzr, cairomm, calcurse, catcodec, cd-discid, cfengine, chamo, cjson, clasp, cldr-emoji-annotation, clingo, cluster-glue, cmark, cmus, cni-plugin-flannel, command-not-found-kaniini, compat-pvgrub, compton-conf, concurrencykit, coova-chilli, coreboot-ectool, corectrl, corkscrew, dbus-test-runner, dejagnu, delve, deutex, dhcp, dhcp-helper, dma, dnsdist, docbook2mdoc, docker-registry, duf, dumb-init, dune, dune-deps, dvtm, dzen, e2fsimage, ed, editline-troglobit, elfio, elogind, evince, evolution-on, exa, eyed3, faenza-icon-theme, fakeroot-tcp, fcgiwrap, fdk-aac, fdupes, ffext:tridactyl, fftw, flameshot, font-merriweather, fonts:droid, fonts:nerd-fonts, fonts:ubuntu, fonts:unifont, fonts:wqy-zenhei, fonttools, fossil, freedoom, freeglut, freeswitch-sounds-pt-br-karina-8000, fstrm, fwupd-efi, gatling, gb, gcalcli, gcc, gcc-base, gcompat, gdk-pixbuf-xlib, gearmand, ghi, giara, gifsicle, git-cola, gitolite, glslang, gmime, gmmlib, gnome-autoar, gnome-icon-theme, gnome-mime-data, go:glide, godep, gogs, goobook, gotop, gpa, gst-python, gtk-engines, gtk-layer-shell, gtkglext, guacamole-server, gutenprint, h2o, heirloom-mailx, herbstluftwm, hfst, hhpc, hiredis, homebank, icedtea-web, idris2, idris2-stage0, ifupdown, indent, influxdb, inih, intel-media-driver, iodine, ion-shell, ipmiutil, ixwebsocket, jackline, jdebp-redo, jinja2-cli, jpegoptim, jshon, jwhois, kannel, klfc, kvantum, kyua, l-smash, libabw, libantlr3c, libappindicator, libarchive-qt, libbloom, libcanberra, libcddb, libcork, libcorkipset, libctl, libcue, libdbi-drivers, libdbusmenu, libdbusmenu-qt, libdiscid, libdwarf, libechonest, libeconf, libfm, libgdiplus, libgnomekbd, libguess, libgxps, libibmad, libibumad, libidl, liblastfm, liblogging, liblouis, libluv, libmdf, libmowgli, libnih, libnpupnp, libofx, libpeas, libpipeline, libplacebo, libptytty, libqb, librdkafka, libresample, libressl, libsigc++, libtxc-dxtn, libvncserver, libwacom, libwnck, libxkbcommon, libxmlb, libxshmfence, libzdb, linenoise, links, liquidctl, llvm, lua:inet, lua:linotify, lua:lupa, lua:luv, lua:middleclass, lutok, lxappearance, ma1sd, makedepend, man-db, materia-gtk-theme, materia-kde, meep, megatools, menu-cache, merlin-ocaml-completion, mgba, mingw:crt, mingw:headers, mingw:headers-bootstrap, moment, monkeysphere, motif, mpdscribble, mtr, mu, musl-fts, ndctl, neatvi, nedit, nitrocli, ntpsec, numix-icon-theme-circle, nwg-displays, ocaml, ocaml:alcotest, ocaml:angstrom, ocaml:arp, ocaml:asn1-combinators, ocaml:astring, ocaml:base, ocaml:base64, ocaml:bigarray-compat, ocaml:bigstringaf, ocaml:biniou, ocaml:bisect-ppx, ocaml:bitstring, ocaml:bos, ocaml:ca-certs, ocaml:ca-certs-nss, ocaml:cairo2, ocaml:camlp4, ocaml:camlzip, ocaml:camomile, ocaml:charinfo-width, ocaml:cmdliner, ocaml:compiler-libs-repackaged, ocaml:containers, ocaml:cstruct, ocaml:ctypes, ocaml:dns, ocaml:domain-name, ocaml:down, ocaml:duration, ocaml:easy-format, ocaml:eqaf, ocaml:erm-xml, ocaml:erm-xmpp, ocaml:ethernet, ocaml:fix, ocaml:fmt, ocaml:fpath, ocaml:gen, ocaml:gmap, ocaml:happy-eyeballs, ocaml:happy-eyeballs-lwt, ocaml:hex, ocaml:hkdf, ocaml:integers, ocaml:ipaddr, ocaml:lablgtk, ocaml:lablgtk3-extras, ocaml:labltk, ocaml:lambda-term, ocaml:lambdasoup, ocaml:logs, ocaml:lru, ocaml:lwd, ocaml:lwt, ocaml:lwt-dllist, ocaml:lwt-log, ocaml:markup, ocaml:menhir, ocaml:merlin-extend, ocaml:metrics, ocaml:mew, ocaml:mew-vi, ocaml:mikmatch, ocaml:mirage-clock, ocaml:mirage-crypto, ocaml:mirage-flow, ocaml:mirage-kv, ocaml:mirage-net, ocaml:mirage-profile, ocaml:mirage-random, ocaml:mirage-time, ocaml:mmap, ocaml:mtime, ocaml:notty, ocaml:obytelib, ocaml:ocf, ocaml:ocplib-endian, ocaml:omake, ocaml:omod, ocaml:otr, ocaml:parsexp, ocaml:pbkdf, ocaml:pcre, ocaml:ppx-derivers, ocaml:ppx-deriving, ocaml:ppx-sexp-conv, ocaml:ppxlib, ocaml:psq, ocaml:ptime, ocaml:randomconv, ocaml:re, ocaml:react, ocaml:result, ocaml:rresult, ocaml:sedlex, ocaml:seq, ocaml:sexplib, ocaml:sexplib0, ocaml:stdlib-shims, ocaml:stringext, ocaml:tcpip, ocaml:tls, ocaml:tophide, ocaml:topkg, ocaml:trie, ocaml:uri, ocaml:utop, ocaml:uucd, ocaml:uucp, ocaml:uuidm, ocaml:uunf, ocaml:uuseg, ocaml:uutf, ocaml:x509, ocaml:xmlm, ocaml:zed, ocamlbuild, ocamlclean, ocamlnet, ocp-indent, ocp-index, oed, opam, openblas, opencc, opensm, openzwave, ostinato, pacman, pacparser, pantalaimon, paprefs, pcc, pcc-libs, pcsc-perl, pcsc-tools, pcsxr, pdns-recursor, pegtl, perl:canary-stability, perl:crypt-ssleay, perl:extutils-cchecker, perl:inc-latest, perl:ipc-sharelite, perl:lockfile-simple, perl:module-implementation, perl:net-mpd, perl:number-misc, perl:pod-parser, perl:stream-buffered, perl:string-util, perl:sub-info, perl:term-table, perl:test-command, perl:test-file-sharedir, perl:test-fork, perl:test-resub, perl:test-toolbox, perl:xml-bare, perl:xml-sax, perl:xml-sax-base, physfs, pianobar, picotts, pidif, pigz, pixz, playerctl, plib, po4a, polyclipping, powertop, procs, pulseaudio, pulseaudio-ctl, python3-tkinter, python:aioresponses, python:appdirs, python:aspectlib, python:audioread, python:backports-abc, python:backports.ssl-match-hostname, python:bandwidth-sdk, python:bleach, python:blessed, python:boltons, python:cachecontrol, python:canonicaljson, python:certifi, python:cffi, python:cliapp, python:contextlib2, python:core-api, python:coreapi, python:coreschema, python:coveralls, python:cparser, python:cppy, python:cycler, python:deprecated, python:deprecation, python:diskcache, python:distlib, python:django-crispy-forms, python:django-debug-toolbar, python:django-filter, python:django-js-asset, python:django-mptt, python:django-rest-framework, python:django-suit, python:django-taggit-serializer, python:django-timezone-field, python:dockerpty, python:dominate, python:drf-yasg, python:ediarpc, python:elftools, python:eliot, python:evohome-client, python:exifread, python:filetype, python:flask, python:flask-assets, python:flask-oauthlib, python:flask-script, python:flask-wtf, python:genshi, python:gevent-websocket, python:gflags, python:gitdb2, python:gitlab, python:google-api-python-client, python:graphviz, python:h11, python:hgtools, python:hidapi, python:hiredis, python:hoedown, python:hpack, python:hyperframe, python:i3ipc, python:ijson, python:iniparse, python:invoke, python:irc, …

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