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915resolution, actionmailer, actionpack, activerecord, activeresource, activesupport, afio, amsn, apmod:perl, apmod:wsgi, ario, aspell-cs, aspell-hu, aspell-id, aspell-it, aspell-ru, aspell-sl, awstats, b43-fwcutter, babl, barnyard2, bcrypt, beecrypt, bluefish, bridge-utils, buffer, c-icap, cabextract, ccache, cgdb, check, claws-mail, claws-mail-extras, claws-mail-perl, collectd, collectd-bind, csync, cups, cvs, daemon-controller, dansguardian, darkstat, dd-rescue, ddrescue, distcc, dmidecode, dolibarr, electricfence, espeak, evince, evolution-data-server, exo, fastthread, fcron, fetchmail, file, file-tail, filezilla, fusefs:curlftpfs, fuseiso, garcon, gdal, gdb, gdb-python, gegl, geos, glpi, gnome-desktop2, gnome-doc-utils, gnome-mime-data, gnome-vfs, gnome-vfs-monikers, gnutls, gpa, gperiodic, gpgme, grisbi, gtk-xfce-engine, gxmessage, gzip, iceauth, icinga, iniparser, libarchive, libbonobo, libcap-ng, libcss, libdvdcss, libdvdread, libee, libesmtp, libestr, libetpan, libgcrypt, libgnomeui, libgpg-error, libhtp, libical, liblognorm, libmcrypt, libmpdclient, librsvg, libunique1, libunique3, libwapcaplet, libwrap, libxfce4ui, libxfce4util, libxfcegui4, libyaml, log4c, lostirc, lsdvd, lshw, lsscsi, lzo, mapserver, mariadb, mc, mcrypt, memcached, mindi, mk-livestatus, mondo, mousepad, mtools, multitail, nagios, nagios-nrpe, nagios-nsca, nagios-plugins, nagvis, nareto, nconf, ndiswrapper, ndiswrapper-driver, ndiswrapper-driver64, newt, nmap, ntpclient, ocsinventory-agent, orage, ovz-web-panel, owncloud-client, parole, partclone, partimage, passenger, perl:compress-raw-bzip2, perl:compress-raw-zlib, perl:file-listing, perl:geo-ipfree, perl:http-cookies, perl:http-daemon, perl:http-negotiate, perl:http-parser, perl:io-compress, perl:io-socket-inet6, perl:maketext-gettext, perl:net-dns, perl:net-http, perl:socket6, perl:uri, perl:www-robotrules, pgadmin3, php-auth-pam, pidgin-libnotify, portaudio, portmap, postgis, proj, pure-ftpd, pure-ftpd-pam, python:pycairo, python:pygobject2, python:pygtk, rack, reiserfsprogs, rpm4, ruby-enterprise, ruby:rails, ruby:rake, sagan, sagan-mysql, sagan-pgsql, sagan-rules, scanssh, scrounge-ntfs, sharedance, slang, smartmontools, spruz, sqlite3-ruby, squid-custom-errors, startup-notification, strace, sudo, sudo-pam, suricata, tazndis, tazusb, tcl, terminal, thttpd, thunar, thunar-archive-plugin, thunar-vfs, thunar-volman, tk, tls, unfs3, unshield, usbutils, vim, vim-tiny, vsftpd, vzctl, vzquota, wireless-tools, wxdfast, xarchive, xarchiver, xfce-utils, xfce4-appfinder, xfce4-dev-tools, xfce4-icon-theme, xfce4-mixer, xfce4-panel, xfce4-ristretto, xfce4-session, xfce4-settings, xfce4-slitaz-config, xfce4-taskmanager, xfconf, xfdesktop, xfmedia, xfmpc, xfprint, xfwm4, xrick

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