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abind, acepack, beancounter, boot, cairodevice, car, chron, cluster, codetools, date, dbi, dieharder, effects, ess, fasianoptions, fassets, fbasics, fbonds, fcopulae, fecofin, fexoticoptions, fextremes, fgarch, fimport, finance-yahooquote, fmultivar, fnonlinear, foptions, foreign, fportfolio, fregression, ftrading, funitroots, gdata, ggobi, gmodels, gplots, gregmisc, gretl, gsl, gsl-ref-html, gsl-ref-psdoc, gtools, hmisc, its, jags, kernsmooth, lattice, latticeextra, littler, lme4, lmtest, mgcv, misc3d, mnormt, multcomp, munge, mvtnorm, nlme, nwsclient, nwsserver, pgapack, polspline, quadprog, quantlib, quantlib-refman-html, quantlib-swig, r, r:bh, r:cardata, r:cellranger, r:class, r:cubature, r:deoptimr, r:digest, r:domc, r:dosnow, r:e1071, r:ecodist, r:energy, r:fastica, r:forcats, r:foreach, r:formula, r:getopt, r:gridextra, r:gss, r:haven, r:hdf5, r:htmltable, r:inline, r:int64, r:iterators, r:kernlab, r:lpsolve, r:manipulatewidgets, r:mass, r:matrixmodels, r:minqa, r:multicore, r:mvnormtest, r:nloptr, r:nnet, r:nortest, r:numderiv, r:nws, r:omegahat-xmlrpc, r:openxlsx, r:pbkrtest, r:pkgkitten, r:quantmod, r:quantreg, r:rcmdrmisc, r:rcpparmadillo, r:rcppeigen, r:rcppgsl, r:readr, r:readstata13, r:readxl, r:rematch, r:rinside, r:rio, r:rms, r:rneos, r:rocr, r:rsclient, r:rstudioapi, r:runit, r:slam, r:sn, r:sparsem, r:spatial, r:stabledist, r:tcltk2,, r:timedate, r:timeseries, r:ttr, r:viridis, r:viridislite, r:xml, r:zip, r:zoo, rcmdr, rcolorbrewer, rcpp, relimp, rggobi, rgl, rglpk, rgtk2, rjava, rmatrix, rmpi, rmysql, robustbase, rodbc, rpart, rpvm, rpy, rpy2, rpy2-2.8, rquantlib, rserve, rsprng, rsymphony, sandwich, sm, smtm, snow, sprng, strucchange, survival, tclap, tkrplot, tob, tseries, urca

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