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04b-21, 4dtris, 4suite, 9wm, aaphoto, acidrip, adesklet-adeskclock, adesklet-aurnotify, adesklet-calendar, afick, aft, antiwm, aoetools, aqua-data-studio, archmage, arno-iptables-firewall, assh, backdup, bash-completion-atool, beecrypt, beediff, beesoft-commander, bitext2tmx, bolt, buildtorrent, cdspeed, checkpassword, chk4mail, ck4up, codemetre, cstools, ctstream, datovka, dbhub, dclib, debian-gdm-themes, deco, deco-archive, desklaunch, diff2colorhtml, diffxml, digup, dirsync, dlume, dnsflood, draci-historie-cz, draci-historie-dubbing-cz, draci-historie-en, draci-historie-pl, drascula, drascula-audio, drascula-audio-flac, drascula-audio-mp3, dslib, eaglemode, efte, empty, emptyclip, evad, eviltris, exiftags, file-rename-utils, findbrokenpkgs, fio-api-plus, flactagger, flight-of-the-amazon-queen, fortunes:cs, fortunes:cs-reddwarf, fortunes:xfiles, fraqtive, ftwin, gdeskcal, gdm-themes, geekcode, geo, geotoad, ggps, gigolo, gimp-pandora, gitfs, gltron, gmimms, gnopaster, gpicsync, gps2photo, gpsdings, gringotts, groff-utf8, grpn, hot-babe, hotwire, http-replicator, ignuit, iotop, janet, jgnash, jnetmap, jobqueue, jtoolkit, kudus, libghttp, libhtp, libisds, libpuzzle, link-backup, lite2do, lk4b, lmarbles, loqui, lostirc, lostlabyrinth, lotr, lzlib, magicrescue, md5, mencal, mgw, mimms, mm2odt, mmucl, moon-buggy, mudix, mudmagic, neonview, netstiff, newstap, nzb, nzbperl, omegat, omegat-beta, omegat-plugin-apertium, omegat-plugin-okapi, omegat-plugin-yandex, opencachemanager, osmo, periodiccalendar, pessulus, photomolo, picturesort, pigterm, pipewalker, pkgextract, pngslice, polygen, polygen-data, powwow, pscpug, python:atomiclong, python:django-taggit, python:git-up, python:ipify, python:odorik, python:scikit-image, qirssi, rainlendar-lite, ranpwd, rdiff-backup-devel, retty, rip, sabayon, safecopy, safekeep, sclient, scrub, sdees, shn2make, simon, snorenotify, sntop, spelt, squirrel, srtm2osm, sshconf, sshdfilter, sshexport, stardict-cz, sudsds, suricata, swish-e, throttle, tiger, transolution, ttf-dugfont, ttfsampler, tuxtype, unworkable, uperf, urlview, urxvtcd, valknut, vegastrike, vegastrike-data, vitetris, vym-devel, w2do, wbxml2, wings2, wings2-levelpack, wings2-musicpack, wordforge, xpenguins-themes, yapet, zangband, zfo-editor

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