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There are 3413 total package(s) for 273 distinct project(s) known.

abcmidi, ableton-link, ambdec, amsynth, aom, ardour, aribb24, atomicparsley, audacious, audacious-plugins, audacity, audiofile, bitstream, blender, bs1770gain, calf, cantata, caps, cecilia, chromaprint, clxclient, cmus, crystalhd, csladspa, csound, davs2, debian-multimedia, deken, din, drumkv1, dvblast, embree, etl, faac, faad2, faust, faustworks, fdk-aac, ffdiaporama, ffmpeg, ffms2, flac, flowblade, fluidsynth, forked-daapd, gavl, gem, giada, gmerlin-avdecoder, gmerlin-encoders, gmmlib, gnome-mpv, gpac, gsequencer, handbrake, hexter, iannix, icecast, idjc, iem-plugin-suite, inkscape, intel-media-driver, intel-vaapi-driver, isrcsubmit, jack-delay, jackd-defaults, jsusfx, juce, kmetronome, kodi, laditools, ladspa-cmt, ladspa-sdk, libaacs, libass, libavc1394, libbdplus, libbluray, libcoverart, libdca, libde265, libdiscid, libdvd-pkg, libdvdread, libebml, libebur128, libffado, libfishsound, libgroove, libheif, libinstpatch, libkate, libmatroska, libmms, libmusicbrainz5, libmypaint, libmysofa, liboggz, libopenmpt, libopenshot, libopenshot-audio, libplacebo, libquicktime, libsamplerate, libsndfile, libspatialaudio, libtheora, libva, libva-utils, libvorbis, libyami, libyami-utils, lilv, linuxptp, live555, lives, lmms, lv2, mhwaveedit, milkytracker, mixxx, mma, mpd-sima, mpg123, mplayer, mplayer-blue, mpv, multicat, muse-sequencer, musescore, mypaint-brushes, o2, obs-studio, ocp-open-cubic-player, oggvideotools, opencollada, openni, openni-sensor-pointclouds, openni-sensor-primesense, openni2, openshot, pd-ableton-link, pd-arraysize, pd-autopreset, pd-bassemu, pd-beatpipe, pd-boids, pd-bsaylor, pd-chaos, pd-comport, pd-creb, pd-csound, pd-cxc, pd-cyclone, pd-earplug, pd-ekext, pd-ext13, pd-extendedview, pd-fftease, pd-flext, pd-flite, pd-freeverb, pd-ggee, pd-gil, pd-hcs, pd-hexloader, pd-hid, pd-iemambi, pd-iemguts, pd-iemlib, pd-iemmatrix, pd-iemnet, pd-iemutils, pd-jmmmp, pd-kollabs, pd-lib-builder, pd-libdir, pd-list-abs, pd-log, pd-lua, pd-lyonpotpourri, pd-mapping, pd-markex, pd-maxlib, pd-mediasettings, pd-mjlib, pd-moonlib, pd-motex, pd-mrpeach, pd-nusmuk, pd-osc, pd-pan, pd-pddp, pd-pdogg, pd-pdstring, pd-pduino, pd-plugin, pd-pmpd, pd-pool, pd-puremapping, pd-purepd, pd-purest-json, pd-py, pd-readanysf, pd-rtclib, pd-sigpack, pd-smlib, pd-syslog, pd-tclpd, pd-testtools, pd-unauthorized, pd-upp, pd-vbap, pd-wiimote, pd-windowing, pd-xsample, pd-zexy, pdp, phasex, picard, playerctl, puredata, puredata-import, python:libdiscid, python:midiutil, python:pyknon, python:pyo, python:soundfile, qstopmotion, qtractor, rem, rev-plugins, rosegarden, rtaudio, rtkit, rtmpdump, sfarklib, sfarkxtc, shine, simplescreenrecorder, smplayer, smplayer-themes, smtube, snd, sonic-visualiser, soundconverter, soundmanager2, soundscaperenderer, soundtouch, sox, stops, streamtuner, supercollider, supercollider-sc3-plugins, taopm, terminatorx, tremor, tutka, twolame, vco-plugins, vdr:vnsiserver, vlc, vlevel, vorbis-tools, wavpack, whitedune, wxsvg, x264, x265, x42-plugins, xavs2, xwax, yoshimi

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