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a2jmidid, aeolus, aj-snapshot, aliki, alsa-tools, alsamodularsynth, amb-plugins, ams-lv2, amsynth, apparmor, ardour, argtable, artyfx, aubio, audacity, autorandr, avldrums.lv2, beatslash-lv2, blop, blop-lv2, cacti, cadence, capnproto, caps, carla, clthreads, clxclient, cmt, csound, csoundqt, dbus-c++, deteriorate-lv2, din, dnscrypt-proxy, doit, dpf-plugins, dragonfly-reverb, drumgizmo, drumkv1, drumstick, dssi-vst, ecasound, eq10q, eteroj.lv2, fabla, faust, fil-plugins, fltk, fluidsynth, fomp.lv2, freepats, freewheeling, g2reverb, ganv, giada, gigedit, gmm++, gmsynth.lv2, gpa, grub-customizer, harvid, helm-synth, hydrogen, infamousplugins, ir-lv2, jaaa, jack-capture, jack1, jack2, jacktrip, jalv, japa, jconvolver, jnoisemeter, jsampler, libfishsound, libgig, libircclient, liblo, liblrdf, liblscp, libltc, libmusicxml, liboggz, libsmf, lilv, linuxsampler, lmms, lsp-plugins, luppp, lv2, lv2file, lvtk, marsyas, mcp-plugins, mda-lv2, meterbridge, midi-matrix.lv2, minitube, moony.lv2, mxml, nextcloud-app-spreed, nikola, njconnect, noise-repellent, nomacs, non-daw, non-sequencer, ntk, osc2midi, osmid, padthv1, patchage, patchmatrix, paulstretch, pd, pd-lua, pound, pvoc, pyalsa, python:atomicwrites, python:click-repl, python:etesync, python:ethtool, python:fastnumbers, python:furl, python:husl, python:icalendar, python:imdbpy, python:iwlib, python:jack-client, python:khal, python:linux-procfs, python:micawber, python:natsort, python:nose-progressive, python:nose2, python:phpserialize, python:piexif, python:pilkit, python:pymediainfo, python:pyphen, python:pyrss2gen, python:suds, python:tabulate, python:todoman, python:toml, python:vobject, python:yapsy, python:zita-audiotools, python:zita-jacktools, python:zopfli, qastools, qjackctl, qmidiarp, qmidictl, qmidinet, qmidiroute, qsampler, qsynth, qtile, qtractor, qxgedit, radicale, raul, realtime-privileges, rev-plugins, rosegarden, rt-tests, rtaudio, rtirq, rtmidi, rubberband, samplv1, sc3-plugins, schedtool, serd, setbfree, sherlock.lv2, sigal, smplayer-skins, smtube, snd, solfege, sonic-pi, sonic-visualiser, sorcer, sord, soundscaperenderer, sox, spectmorph, sratom, stk, suil, supercollider, sweep, swh-plugins, synthv1, tap-plugins, tmuxp, tuna, twolame, v4l2ucp, vamp-aubio-plugins, vamp-plugin-sdk, vco-plugins, vim-csound, vm.lv2, vmpk, wah-plugins, wolf-shaper, x42-plugins, xjadeo, yass, yoshimi, zam-plugins, zita-ajbridge, zita-at1, zita-bls1, zita-convolver, zita-dpl1, zita-jclient, zita-lrx, zita-mu1, zita-njbridge, zita-rev1, zopfli, zsh-autosuggestions, zsh-history-substring-search, zynaddsubfx

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