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Date (UTC) Event
makepasswd 1.10 is now up to date
os-prober 1.76 is outdated by 1.77
groff 1.22.3 is outdated by 1.22.4
exuberant-ctags 5.9svn20110310 is ignored
partconf 1.50 is outdated by 1.51
dh-di 8 is outdated by 9
kbd-chooser 1.70 is outdated by 1.71
usb-discover 1.12 is outdated by 1.13
perl:getargs-long 1.1007 is outdated by 1.1008
trn 4.0 is ignored
trn4 is no longer maintained by cjwatson@debian.org and/or was removed from Raspbian Stable
trn 4.0 is outdated by 4.77
trn was added to Raspbian Stable and/or assigned to cjwatson@debian.org