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There are 271 total package(s) for 235 distinct project(s) known.

acl, aom, apache, arptables, aspell, astyle, attr, audiofile, autoconf, autoconf-archive, automake, avif, bash-completion, bison, bitstream, bootstrap-dht, botan, brotli, busybox, butteraugli, check, checksec, chewing-editor, chihaya, chrpath, cmark, cmocka, codespell, colormake, conntrack-tools, coreutils, cpio, curvedns, dash, dbus, dejagnu, desktop-file-utils, dhcpcd, diff-so-fancy, dnsmasq, dos2unix, dosfstools, dpkg, dropbear, dvblast, ebtables, editorconfig-core-c, editorconfig-geany, editorconfig-gedit, elfutils, enet, ethtool, expat, faac, faad2, findutils, firetools, gawk, geckodriver, gengetopt, getdns, gettext, gflags, git-lfs, glog, gmssl, gnurl, gnutls, gperf, gpgme, grep, gtest, guetzli, gzip, haveged, hicolor-icon-theme, httperf, hunspell, icecast, icu, igb, inotify-tools, iperf, iperf3, ipset, iptables, iputils, irqbalance, irtt, iw, iwlwifi, iwlwifi-next, jemalloc, jitterentropy, js-beautify, lame, lame-altivec, lapack, lcms2, ldns, libbacktrace, libbsd, libcap-ng, libcdio, libcdio-paranoia, libdca, libdeflate, libdnet, libdvbcsa, libdvbpsi, libevdev, libffi, libgpg-error, libidn, libidn2, libjitterentropy, libjpeg-turbo, libmediainfo, libmicrohttpd, libmms, libnet, libnetfilter-acct, libnetfilter-conntrack, libnetfilter-cthelper, libnetfilter-cttimeout, libnetfilter-log, libnetfilter-queue, libnfnetlink, libnl, libogg, liboggz, libopusenc, libpcap, libpng, libraw, libsamplerate, libscrypt, libseccomp, libshout, libsigsegv, libsndfile, libssh, libtasn1, libtheora, libtorrent-rasterbar, libunistring, libupnp, liburcu, libuv, libvorbis, libx11, libxext, libxi, libxml2, libyaml, libzen, lizard, logrotate, lz4, lzbench, lzturbo, m4, make, mbedtls, mediainfo, mercurial, miniupnpc, miniupnpd, mlocate, mpfr, mpg123, mpg321, mtools, multicat, ncrack, net-tools, nettle, nfacct, nuitka, numactl, openjpeg, openresolv, opusfile, parpd, patch, pciutils, pik, pinentry, pkg-config, polipo, ppp, pugixml, python:cython, qbittorrent, qt5, radvd, rav1e, rng-tools, sassc, sbsigntools, sed, soundtouch, speex, sqlite-fossil, sqm-scripts, strace, sudo, svgo, tar, tcpdump, tcpreplay, tiff, time, tinyssh, tinyxml, tslib, tunsafe, turbobench, twolame, uci, ufw, upx, vorbis-tools, wavpack, wdt, whois, wireguard-module, wordpress, wpa-supplicant, xfsprogs, xorgxrdp, xorgxrdp-devel, xxhash, yasm, zlib

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