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Date (UTC) Event
apt-cacher-ng 3.2 is outdated by 3.3
broadcom-sta is now up to date
unp 2.0pre7 is now up to date
broadcom-sta is outdated by
liquidwar 5.6.4 is outdated by 5.6.5
apt-cacher 1.7.19 is outdated by 1.7.20
icewm is outdated by 1.5.0
apt-cacher-ng 3.2 is now up to date
apt-cacher-ng was added to Ubuntu 18.10 and/or assigned to blade@debian.org
apt-cacher 1.7.19 is now up to date
apt-cacher 1.7.18 is outdated by 1.7.19
apt-cacher 1.7.18 is now up to date