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There are 3480 total package(s) for 3395 distinct project(s) known.

3dfb, 4stattack, 7kaa-data, 7kaa-music, 9base, a2jmidid, a2ps, a52dec, abcm2ps, abcmidi, abe, abi-compliance-checker, abrt, abspath, ac3info, acabit-en, acabit-fr, acmetool, acon, acpitool, acr38u, adjtimex, adns, adns-python, adonthell, adplug, adtool, advancecomp, aee, afio, aften, agave, aget, agg, aggregate, aiccu, aide, aiksaurus, aircrack-ng, airsnort, airstrike, akamaru, akonadi, akonadi-calendar, akonadi-calendar-tools, akonadi-contacts, akonadi-import-wizard, akonadi-mime, akonadi-notes, akonadi-search, akonadiconsole, akregator, alac, aldo, alevt, alien, alienarena-data, alienblaster, alleyoop, alsa-lib, alsa-plugins, alsa-tools, alsa-utils, alsamixertest, alure, amadeus, amora-server, amule, amyedit, analitza, analog, android-file-transfer, android-tools, ant, antlr2, anyremote, aoetools, aopalliance, ap-utils, apache, apachegrep, apachetop, apcupsd, ape-ajax-push-engine, apg, aphopper, api-sanity-checker, apmod:activex-filter, apmod:annodex, apmod:antispam, apmod:auth-cert, apmod:auth-certificate, apmod:auth-imap, apmod:auth-msfix, apmod:auth-nds, apmod:auth-ntlm-winbind, apmod:auth-pam, apmod:auth-token, apmod:authn-imap, apmod:authn-otp, apmod:authz-ldap, apmod:authz-unixgroup, apmod:backtrace, apmod:but, apmod:cfg-ldap, apmod:chm, apmod:chroot, apmod:coredumper, apmod:defensible, apmod:delay, apmod:diagnostics, apmod:dns, apmod:dnsbl-lookup, apmod:domaintree, apmod:encoding, apmod:fakessl, apmod:form, apmod:gfx, apmod:gzip-disk, apmod:icpquery, apmod:injection, apmod:jsmin, apmod:ldap-userdir, apmod:limitipconn, apmod:line-edit, apmod:load-average, apmod:log-data, apmod:log-rotate, apmod:macro, apmod:memcached, apmod:musicindex, apmod:mya, apmod:proxy-xml, apmod:put, apmod:random, apmod:replace, apmod:roaming, apmod:scrmable, apmod:sesehe, apmod:sleep, apmod:smtpd, apmod:spam-die, apmod:tidy, apmod:traf-thief, apmod:transform, apmod:upload, apmod:variety, apmod:vdbh, apmod:vhost-mysql, apmod:wsgi, apmod:xhtml, apmod:xhtml-neg, apmod:xmlns, apmod:xsendfile, apmod:xslt-filter, apmod:ziplook, apmod:zipread, apngasm, apngopt, appres, appstream, apr-util, arandr, aravis, arc, archivemail, ardentryst, ariamaestosa, ark, arnold, arp-scan, arpalert, arping, arpscan, arpwatch, arpwatch2html, artikulate, ascii, asio, aspell-csb, aspell-sr, aspell-te, asteroids3d, astromenace, astyle, asunder, at, at-spi2-core, ataidle, atari800, aterm, athcool, atomicparsley, atool, atril, attica, audacious-skins, audio-recorder, audiocd-kio, audiocompress, audiotag, aufs-util, aumix, autodia, autodownloader, automake, autotalent-ladspa, autotrace, avce00, avra, avrdude, aws, awstats, ax25, ax25spyd, axel, axssh, b5i2iso, backupninja, backuponcd, baloo, baloo-widgets, bam, banner, barnyard, bashburn, bastet, bblaunch, bchunk, bcrypt, bctoolbox, bcunit, bdftopcf, become, beep, beesu, belcard, belle-sip, belr, berusky-data, bgpq3, biabam, bibutils, biew, bin2iso, bind, bino, binstats, biosdevname, biosdisk, bison++, bitlbee, bkf, bleachbit, blindelephant, blinken, blktrace, blobwars, blogilo, blop, bluecurve-theme, bluedevil, bluegps, blueman, blueproximity, bluez-qt, bluez-tools, bmake, bmake-mk-files, boa, boa-constructor, bobobot, bochs-tools, bogosec, bomber, bomberinstinct, bonk, boost, bootsplash, bootsplash-themes, borges, botan, bouml-doc, bovo, brasero, breeze, breeze-grub, breeze-gtk, breeze-plymouth, brilltagger, bsd-games, bsdiff, bubbros, buffer, bullet, bw-whois, bygfoot, byobu, bzr, bzr-gtk, bzrtp, c-client, c-icap, cabextract, cacti, cadaver, caffeine, cairo, caja, caja-extensions, cakephp, calculate, calendarsupport, calf, calibre, calligra, camorama, candido, candle, canna, cantor, cardpics, carpm, catcodec, catdoc, catfish, ccache, ccd2iso, cciss-vol-status, ccrtp, cd-discid, cdd, cddetect, cdemu-client, cdi2iso, cdrdao, cdrtools, cdtool, cdvst, cdw, cellwriter, celt, cerealizer, certwatch, cervisia, cgal, cgns, cgoban, chaplin, charls, chck, checkbashisms, checkinstall, checkpassword-pam, chemtool, chipmunk, chkfontpath, chkrootkit, chmlib, chpax, chromium, chromium-bsu, chrony, chrootuid, ciao, cifs-utils, cinnamon, cinnamon-control-center, cinnamon-desktop, cinnamon-menus, cinnamon-screensaver, cinnamon-session, cinnamon-settings-daemon, cinnamon-translations, circuslinux, cire, cjs, ckb, cksfv, clalsadrv, clara, claws-mail-themes, cliofetion, clips, cliquer, clone, cloog-parma, clusterit, clxclient, cmake, cmdftp, cmph, code-aster, code2html, codeville, codeworker, cogito, coin3d, coldfire, colord-kde, colordiff, colorize, colorprompt, colorsvn, colortail, commit-patch, common-licenses, compcache, compface, compositing-server-common, compositing-wm-common, comsat, conectivator, connect, connman, convmv, cooledit, coralftp, coreutils, corkscrew, cortado, countrycodes, cowbell, cowdancer, cowpatty, cowsay, cpan-upload, cpp2latex, cppcheck, cpptest, cpuburn, cpulimit1, crafty, cream, createtorrent, creduce, cronolog, crossfire-client-data, crossfire-maps, cryptopp, cs-obexftp, cscope, csmash, cthumb, ctorrent, cudd, cuegen, cuetools, culmus-latex, cups-drivers-capt, cups-drivers-foo2kyo, cups-drivers-foo2zjs, cups-drivers-lbp660, cups-drivers-ptouch, cups-pdf, curl, curl-loader, curlew, cursor-themes, curtain, cutter-tcp, cvoicecontrol, cvs2cl, cvsadmin, cvsps, cvsreport, cvsspam, cvsutils, cw, cwirc, cwtmp, cxref, cyrus-sasl, d-feet, d0-blind-id, daemonize, daemonlogger, dagrab, dahdi, dante, darkice, darktable, db%{version}, dbench, dbview, dcc, dcetest, dcmo5, dcto9p, ddate, ddclient, ddd, ddrescue, deadbeef, deadwood, dee, deflate-stats, dekagen, demoroniser, denyhosts, …

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