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abs-guide, acct, acl, aoetools, apcupsd, arptables, arrayprobe, athcool, atop, attr, autobook, autoconf, autoconf-archive, autoconf-wrapper, autoconf213, automake, automake-wrapper, autoproject, autorun, baselayout-gentoo, bash, bashdb, bc, bin86, bison, bridge-utils, btrfs-progs, buffer, byacc, byld, bzip2, c-rehash, ca-certificates, cciss-vol-status, checkbashisms, collectl, cons, coreutils, cpio, cpuinfo-collection, cracklib, cracklib-words, cramfs, cryptsetup, daemontools, daemontools-encore, daisydog, dash, db, db1, db3, db4, db5, db6, dd-rescue, debianutils, devfsd, dhcp, dhcpcd, di, diffutils, dmapi, dmg2img, dmidecode, dnotify, dosfstools, dump, e2fsprogs, e2tools, ebtables, ed, editor-wrapper, elt-patches, endpoint, eselect-awk, ethercard-diag, ethertypes, ethtool, exfat-utils, extundelete, fakeroot, fbset, file, findutils, fix-gnustack, flex, ftp, fusefs:exfat, fwcrv, fwdl, gawk, gdbm, gentoo-functions, gettext, gnuconfig, gpart, gpm, grep, groff, grub, grubconfig, gscanbus, gsmartcontrol, gssproxy, gzip, hashalot, hbaapi, hdparm, help2man, hexcurse, hprofile, hwids, ifplugd, install-xattr, intel-microcode, iproute2, iptables, iputils, irqbalance, isapnptools, iscsitarget, iucode-tool, jwhois, kbd, kea, kexec-tools, keychain, keyutils, kmod, latencytop, lcdsplash, lcdtest, lde, less, lesspipe, lib-compat, libaal, libaio, libavc1394, libcap, libcap-ng, libhugetlbfs, libieee1284, libltdl, libnfs, libnfsidmap, libnftnl, libnsl, libpipeline, libpng, libraw1394, libseccomp, libtermcap, libtirpc, libtool, libusb, libusb0, libusbhp, libutempter, lilo, linuxfromscratch, lksctp-tools, logwatch, lrmi, lshw, lsof, lsscsi, lufs, lzip, m4, make, makedev, makepp, man, man-db, man-pages-posix, man2html, mandoc, manpager, manpages, mawk, mbr-gpt, mbuffer, mdadm, memtest86, memtest86+, memtester, metalog, mingetty, minised, miscfiles, mlocate, modutils, mtools, mtree-port, mtx, multipath-tools, nawk, nbd, ncompress, ncurses, net-tools, netboot-base, netkit-base, netkit-fingerd, netkit-ftpd, netkit-rsh, nfs-utils, nfs4-acl-tools, nftables, noflushd, ntfs-3g, ntirpc, ntp, numactl, numad, nvram-reboot, nvram-wakeup, open-iscsi, open-isns, openssh, openssh-blacklist, openssl, openssl-compat, partimage, patch, pciutils, pcre, pcre2, popt, ppp, pps-tools, procps, progsreiserfs, psmisc, pwdb, qingy, qla-fc-firmware, quota, quotatool, rc, readahead-list, readline, reiser4progs, reiserfsprogs, remake, rename, rescan-scsi-bus, rng-tools, rp-pppoe, rpc2, rpcbind, rpcsvc-proto, rpm2targz, rsync, runit, sdparm, sed, sedutil, setserial, sg3-utils, shadow, sharutils, single-unix-specification, smartmontools, smp-utils, socklog, ssh-ldap-pubkey, static-dev, strace, sud, sudo, superadduser, supervise-scripts, syscriptor, sysfsutils, sysklogd, syslinux, sysvinit, tapecat, tar, tcp-wrappers, texinfo, tftp-hpa, thin-provisioning-tools, time, tldp-howto, ucspi-proxy, ucspi-unix, udftools, unace, unifdef, unrar, unzip, usbredir, usbutils, userspace-rcu, utempter, util-linux, vblade, vconfig, watchdog, watchpid, wget, which, whois, x86info, xfsdump, xfsprogs, xinetd, xmbmon, xz, yasm, zip, zlib

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