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Date (UTC) Event
emacs:mmm-mode 0.5.7 is outdated by 0.5.8
igal 2.2 is outdated by 2.3
emacs:mmm-mode 0.5.7 is now up to date
emacs:mmm-mode was added to Raspbian Stable and/or assigned to az@debian.org
mmm-mode is no longer maintained by az@debian.org and/or was removed from Raspbian Stable
duplicity is outdated by 0.8.01
exmh 2.9.0 is now up to date
kuvert 2.2.2 is now up to date
mmm-mode 0.5.7 is now up to date
nmh 1.7.1 is now up to date
perl:excel-writer-xlsx 0.99 is outdated by
perl:file-slurp 9999.26 is outdated by 9999.27
exmh 2.8.0 is outdated by 2.9.0
perl:file-slurp 9999.19 is outdated by 9999.21
glimpse 4.18.7 is ignored