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Date (UTC) Event
go:github-mendersoftware-log 0.0git20180403 is outdated by 0.0git20191210.25
go:github-ungerik-go-sysfs 0.0git20170424.9 is outdated by 0.0git20190613.7
go:github-mendersoftware-mendertesting 0.0git20180410.9 is outdated by 0.0git20200227.1396
gtksourceview was added to Devuan 3.0 (Beowulf) and/or assigned to andreas@fatal.se
gtksourceview2 is no longer maintained by andreas@fatal.se and/or was removed from Devuan 3.0 (Beowulf)
mender-cli 1.1.0 is outdated by 1.2.0
go:github-mendersoftware-mender-artifact 3.0.0 is outdated by 3.0.1
go:github-mendersoftware-mender-artifact 3.0.0 is now up to date