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FreeBSD Ports 101 92 74 80.4% 8 8.7% 5 5.4% - HCO LN U html, atomAtom feed
DPorts 93 83 60 72.3% 15 18.1% 4 4.8% - HCO LN U html, atomAtom feed
Total 194 92 75 81.5% 16 17.4% 5 5.4% - HCO LN U


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3270font, asm-xml, bcal, birdfont, browsh, cfr, check-mk-agent, cingb, coffeebreak, ctl-sat, curlie, dbus-java, dmenu, dwm, edumips64, enteruser, fahclient, fff, ffsend, find-cursor, fontpreview, fonts:alef, fonts:andika, fonts:apl385, fonts:blackout, fonts:iosevka, fonts:lohit, fonts:manrope, fonts:monoid, fonts:office-code-pro, fonts:ubuntu, fswatch, fusefs:httpdirfs, gef, genact, hared, j4-dmenu-desktop, java:libmatthew, jp, jshon, k40-whisperer, kaputa, kbfsd, libxmlbird, locale-en-dk, maim, markdownfmt, meh, moinmoincli, mourier, mtm, mysql-snmp, nvidia-gpu-prometheus-exporter, orthorobot, peda, pup, python:ailment, python:angr, python:archinfo, python:cbeams, python:claripy, python:cle, python:filebytes, python:itanium-demangler, python:minidump, python:mulpyplexer, python:pgsanity, python:pykwalify, python:pysmt, python:pyvex, python:slixmpp, python:testfixtures, quark, remotery, retro12, ropper, scli, sct, sent, setaudit, shell-toolbox, showkeys, signal-cli, steps-mono, sudo-font, sxiv, tmu, toot, ttyplot, up-plumber, uperf, with

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